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The Freedom Woods community website was developed to serve as an informative resource for both the Freedom Woods neighborhood and the Cranberry Township community.  Please feel free to contact us with your comments and suggestions.
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~ Neighborhood News ~
Responsibility for Outside Stain Colors
Posted on Jun 5th, 2020
It will be the homeowner’s responsibility to match the outside stain color with their current stain color.
The only stain colors the Board of Directors will provide will be to those townhomes whose unit colors are all the same color in the same building.
Townhome Shingles
Posted on Jun 5th, 2020
Below are the shingles permitted to be used on the townhomes.
GAF Royal Sovereign 3 tab in Weathered Gray
GAF Dimensional Shingles in Weathered Wood
These are the only two types and colors of shingles permitted on the townhomes. 
Approved Siding for FW
Posted on Apr 7th, 2020
The Approved Siding for the FW Community is Everlast Polymer Cladding by Norandex or Hardie Plank.  You can view all approved colors at  or Hardie Plank   Don't forget to submit your request; the form can be located under the E-forms tab under Construction Request.
Cranberry Township Fence Facts
Posted on Jan 10th, 2020
Please see the below Residential Fence General Requirements for Cranberry Township.
  • A permit is not required to install or erect a fence on residential property if the fence is less than 6’ high and not constructed within a front yard setback.
  • The Township does not regulate which side of a residential fence is viewable.
  • A building permit is required to residential fences over 6’ high.
  • A building permit is required for a residential fence/wall over 3’ in height within a front yard setback.
  • The height of a residential fence is not regulated except within a front yard setback.
Anyone planning to erect or have a fence installed should do the following:
  • Know your property boundaries, easements, or right-of-ways for fence location.
  • Call PA-One-Call (1-800-242-1776) to locate any underground utilities for your health and safety.
  • Take into consideration the natural topography and environment of your property to minimize disturbance of any creeks, wetlands, trees and avoid blocking natural storm water drainage.
  • Obtain approval from your Homeowners Association, if needed.
Please visit the Cranberry Township website at for additional information regarding fences.
Electronics Recycling
Posted on Jan 10th, 2020
Below are links to a couple of businesses that will accept your electronic recycling items.  Please contact the companies directly to make arrangements.
ECSR (Environmental Coordination Services and Recycling -
129 Ash Stop Road 1-866-815-0016 or 724-432-3278
922 Brush Creek Road 724-602-0025
FWHA Board Meetings
Posted on Jan 10th, 2020
The Freedom Woods Homeowners Association Board meetings are held on the 3rd Tuesday of each month at the Cranberry Township Municipal Building.
Posted on Jan 1st, 2020
All Freedom Woods pet owners are reminded that all pets must be on a leash while outside and under control at all times.
Picking up your pet's droppings (no matter where they are) is part of the rules and regulations.  It is neglectful of your responsibilities as a pet owner and creates a health hazard when the droppings are not removed. 
"5. Pet owners are responsible for removing animal waste. Violators are subject
to fines."
Please be courteous of others' property; have your pets leashed and clean up after them.

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